WhatsApp has been regularly developing and releasing new features for the past few years as the rivalry between various instant messaging platforms intensifies. According to a report by XDA Developers, the Meta-owned direct messaging platform has recently introduced some new features which include — some privacy-related upgrades and an unread chat filter on the desktop client.
The unread chat filter allows users to hide already viewed conversations from the main chat list, leaving behind threads that are marked as unread or haven’t been viewed yet. The report claims that the unread chat filter which was previously available only for desktop users has now started rolling out for iPhone users on the stable channel.
WhatsApp’s unread chat filter is available on iOS
As per the report, WhatsApp’s unread chat filter feature is currently being rolled out by the company through a server-side push. However, users have to ensure that they have updated to the latest WhatsApp for iOS version — 22.16.77 if they want to increase their chances of getting it.

Meanwhile, once the app is up-to-date, users have to wait for WhatsApp to enable the feature from its side. Until then, users have to be patient as the report doesn’t mention any clear way to manually enforce the change.
How does this WhatsApp feature work on iOS
The report has also shared some screenshots to reveal how this feature will work for iPhone users. These images reveal that the filter button will appear right next to the chat search bar and on tapping it all the read conversations will disappear from the list view for the user. This feature can be useful for people who receive plenty of messages every day, the report suggests.

Users tend to reply only to the more time-sensitive conversations and leave other chats behind. These ignored chats then slowly start sinking into the bottom of the list which is eventually completely forgotten. However, this new button will allow users to discover the chats that still need their attention.


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