Red Dead Online allows players to explore the world of Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2. Meanwhile, an old bug has resurfaced in the game where players find everything empty. According to a report by PCMag, some players have taken to Reddit to report that NPCs which include both people and animals are disappearing from the game, leaving ghost towns behind. Multiple Reddit users have recently complained about the situation which is creating a “strange” atmosphere for the players.

What has happened to the NPCs
As per the report, players have mentioned that Red Dead Redemption 2’s “bustling metropolises and rolling plains” have turned into ghost towns. Horses are pulling empty carriages down desolate streets, products are laying around untended on market stalls and wild animals are missing from the countryside.
What is happening to Red Dead Online
Recently, Rockstar announced that the game wouldn’t be receiving significant updates as the team transitions to focus on Grand Theft Auto 6. Protesting that, players have responded to the announcement by hosting in-game funerals for Red Dead Online and mourning on social media. This bug which initially appeared in 2019 has resurfaced after the major announcement.

The report suggests that some fans are concerned that Red Dead Online may eventually fall silent and will never get fully repopulated as Rockstar pulls their support from the project. However, even if Red Dead’s online component fades away, the single-player mode is still there for players to enjoy, the report claims. Rockstar has not shared any official statement addressing the issue and there is no information when this issue will be patched.


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