CBSE Class 11 Maths Syllabus 2022-2023 is offered right here for obtain in PDF. College students should examine this revised and decreased syllabus to know the course content material to be studied through the 2022-2023 session. This syllabus is about based on the annual scheme of evaluation and the annual CBSE Class 11 Maths Examination can be primarily based on the revised syllabus solely. Subsequently, college students should undergo the total syllabus and research Maths as per the content material talked about in it.

Test CBSE Class 11 Maths Course Construction 2022-23 beneath:

Principle Paper

Time: 3 Hours                                                                                Max Marks: 80



No. of Durations



Units and Capabilities








Coordinate Geometry








Statistics and Likelihood








Inner Evaluation



*No chapter/unit-wise weightage. Care to be taken to cowl all of the chapters.

Unit-I: Units and Capabilities

1. Units (20 Durations) 

Units and their representations, Empty set, Finite and Infinite units, Equal units, Subsets, Subsets of a set of actual numbers particularly intervals (with notations). Common set. Venn diagrams. Union and Intersection of units. Distinction of units. Complement of a set. Properties of Complement.

2. Relations & Capabilities (20 Durations) 

Ordered pairs. Cartesian product of units. Variety of components within the Cartesian product of two finite units. Cartesian product of the set of reals with itself (upto R x R x R).Definition of relation, pictorial diagrams, area, co-domain and vary of a relation. Operate as a particular sort of relation. Pictorial illustration of a perform, area, co-domain and vary of a perform. Actual valued capabilities, area and vary of those capabilities, fixed, identification, polynomial, rational, modulus, signum, exponential, logarithmic and best integer capabilities, with their graphs. Sum, distinction, product and quotients of capabilities.

3. Trigonometric Capabilities (20 Durations)

Constructive and damaging angles. Measuring angles in radians and in levels and conversion from one measure to a different. Definition of trigonometric capabilities with the assistance of unit circle. Reality of the identification sin2x + cos2x = 1, for all x. Indicators of trigonometric capabilities. Area and vary of trigonometric capabilities and their graphs. Expressing sin (x±y) and cos (x±y) by way of sinx, siny, cosx & cosy and their easy purposes. Deducing identities like the next:

Identities associated to sin2x, cos2x, tan2 x, sin3x, cos3x and tan3x.

Unit-II: Algebra

1. Complicated Numbers and Quadratic Equations (10 Durations) 

Want for advanced numbers, particularly √−1, to be motivated by lack of ability to unravel a few of the quadratic equations. Algebraic properties of advanced numbers. Argand airplane

2. Linear Inequalities (10 Durations) 

Linear inequalities. Algebraic options of linear inequalities in a single variable and their illustration on the quantity line.

3. Permutations and Combos (10 Durations) 

Basic precept of counting. Factorial n. (n!) Permutations and combos, derivation of Formulae for nPr and nCr and their connections, easy purposes.

4. Binomial Theorem (10 Durations) 

Historic perspective, assertion and proof of the binomial theorem for optimistic integral indices. Pascal’s triangle, easy purposes.

5. Sequence and Sequence (10 Durations) 

Sequence and Sequence. Arithmetic Imply (A.M.) Geometric Development (G.P.), basic time period of a G.P., sum of n phrases of a G.P., infinite G.P. and its sum, geometric imply (G.M.), relation between A.M. and G.M.

Unit-III: Coordinate Geometry

1. Straight Traces (15 Durations)

Transient recall of two dimensional geometry from earlier lessons. Slope of a line and angle between two traces. Numerous types of equations of a line: parallel to axis, level -slope type, slope-intercept type, two-point type, intercept type, Distance of some extent from a line.

2. Conic Sections (25 Durations)

Sections of a cone: circles, ellipse, parabola, hyperbola, some extent, a straight line and a pair of intersecting traces as a degenerated case of a conic part. Commonplace equations and easy properties of parabola, ellipse and hyperbola. Commonplace equation of a circle.

3. Introduction to Three-dimensional Geometry (10 Durations) 

Coordinate axes and coordinate planes in three dimensions. Coordinates of some extent. Distance between two factors.

Unit-IV: Calculus

1. Limits and Derivatives (40 Durations) 

By-product launched as fee of change each as that of distance perform and geometrically. Intuitive concept of restrict. Limits of polynomials and rational capabilities trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic capabilities. Definition of spinoff relate it to scope of tangent of the curve, spinoff of sum, distinction, product and quotient of capabilities. Derivatives of polynomial and trigonometric capabilities.

Unit-V Statistics and Likelihood

1. Statistics (20 Durations) 

Measures of Dispersion: Vary, Imply deviation, variance and customary deviation of ungrouped/grouped knowledge.

2. Likelihood (20 Durations) 

Occasions; incidence of occasions, ‘not’, ‘and’ and ‘or’ occasions, exhaustive occasions, mutually unique occasions, Axiomatic (set theoretic) chance, connections with different theories of earlier lessons. Likelihood of an occasion, chance of ‘not’, ‘and’ and ‘or’ occasions.



1. No chapter clever weightage. Care to be taken to cowl all of the chapters

2. Appropriate inner variations could also be made for producing varied templates protecting the general weightage to totally different type of questions and typology of questions identical.


There can be no total alternative within the query paper.

Nevertheless, 33% inner selections can be given in all of the sections


20 Marks

Periodic Exams ( Finest 2 out of three exams carried out)

10 Marks

Arithmetic Actions

10 Marks

Prescribed Books:

  • Arithmetic Textbook for Class XI, NCERT Publications
  • Arithmetic Exemplar Drawback for Class XI, Printed by NCERT
  • Arithmetic Lab Handbook class XI, printed by NCERT

College students can also obtain the total syllabus in PDF from the next hyperlink:

Test CBSE Class 11 Syllabus of All Topics for 2022-2023 Session (PDF)

Supply hyperlink

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